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Swing with Serpento


our new frozen sensation that'll have your taste buds dancing to a symphony of delightful flavors

We are creating an
extraordinary spiral
in a cone

Sweet night with Serpento
Swing with Serpento
Mango Serpento Swing
Vanilla Serpento Swing
Swing with Serpento
Chocolate Serpento Swing

Crafted from family recipes, indulge in a swirl of sweetness with our 12 unique and irresistible flavors. Experience the magic of Serpento Swing – where every twirl is a celebration!

Enchanting mix of two flavours straight from the machine

Sweet night with Serpento
Swing with Serpento
Symphony of Serpento
Mango and Strawberry Serpento Swing
Vanilla and Chocolate Serpento Swing
Swing and Dance with Serpento

What's even more enchanting is our machine's ability to mix two flavors, creating a mesmerizing fusion that fans can enjoy right as it comes out of the machine.
It's not just ice cream; it's a symphony of flavors in every captivating twirl!


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Serpento Swing logo
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