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Serpento Swing Smooth Vanilla
Serpento Swing Mixed
Serpento Swing Jazzed-Up Choccy

We are creating an extraordinary spiral
in a cone

Say Ciao to Australia's newest frozen delight!


We are proud to introduce our delicious, desirable and delectable ice cream.


Serpento  Swing  ice cream is a unique concept.

It is being served from a specially dedicated machine.

The result is a stylish, tall and very curly ice-cream in a cone, 

which is durable even on a hot day.  

Try it, it's delectable! More-ish is guaranteed!!

Swing with Serpento
Swirl Serpento twist

Attention, ice cream enthusiasts!


We are thrilled to announce that our brand-new ice cream website is currently under construction and will be ready to delight your taste buds very soon! As we put the finishing touches on this virtual ice cream paradise, we are eagerly preparing for

our official grand opening in the upcoming summer.


We can't wait to share this delightful experience with you and make your summer truly unforgettable.

Thank you for your patience and anticipation. Get ready to indulge in the frozen delights that await you at our upcoming ice cream extravaganza. Serpento Swing Ice Cream looks forward to welcoming you and creating lifelong memories together!


Stay cool, and see you soon!

Discover the delight of our delicious flavours,

beginning with the two all-time favorites: smooth vanilla and jazzed-up choccy.
But that's not all – we have an array of even more mouthwatering flavors on the way like Swinging Strawby Sorby!

Stay tuned for the ultimate taste experience with


a tempting curly symphony

Right out of the Jukebox

Serpento Swing Vanilla



Swing Vanilla
Serpento Swing Chocolate

Jazzed Up


Swing Choccy
Serpento Swing Strawberry


Strawby Sorby

Swing Starwby
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