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Say Ciao to Australia's newest frozen delight!


Step into the World of Serpento Delight – Where Every Swirl is an Adventure!

Introducing a delectable revolution in the Australian ice cream scene – an unparalleled fusion of uniqueness, variety, and quality.
Our new ice cream offerings redefine indulgence with two exceptional brands:

Serpento Swing Logo

Serpento Swing stands tall as a solid, durable ice cream product, a true marvel even under the blazing Australian sun. Crafted for those who seek a firm and creamy delight, Serpento Swing promises a unique experience with its variety of flavours, all boasting the best quality and a full milky richness.

Serpento Swing  ice cream is a unique concept.  It is being served from a specially dedicated machine.

The result is a stylish, tall and very curly ice-cream in a cone, which is durable even on a hot day.  

We not only provide the best machines for it, but also the matching ice cream powder, ensuring a seamless setup that captivates taste buds and attracts customers.

Get ready for a new era of ice cream indulgence in Australia – where variety meets quality, and every cone tells a story of excellence."

Vanilla Serpento Swing
Strawberry Serpento Swing
Mango Serpento Swing
Chocolate Serpento Swing
Vanilla and Chocolate Serpento Swing
Swing with Serpento


Serpent Crest Logo
Soft served ice cream - serpento

On the softer side, we present Serpento Crest – a soft-serve ice cream powder product

that transcends the ordinary. With more than 12 irresistible flavours, Serpento Crest is a journey

into a world of creamy perfection, promising a delightful experience with every swirl.


Stay cool, and you can order soon!

Serpento Crest
Serpento Crest Soft Serve
soft served ice cream - serpento
Soft Ice cream


But we don't just stop at superior ice cream; we deliver an entire experience.

Choose Serpento Crest for a soft and luscious treat or elevate your offerings with the impressive Serpento Swing. 

Get ready for a new era of ice cream indulgence in Australia – where variety meets quality, and every swirl tells a story of excellence.

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